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something i started, should i continue? something i started, should i continue?

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Yeah. You definitely should :) Just as a suggestion from me, you might as well turn it into a nightcore style song or smth chill... OR you can try adding some dubstep (i mean it has that necessary breaking glitchy sound :) but that's just what I would do :P
Any idea can be turned into great stuff! Just give it some love :D
P.S. no starts cuz da song is not finished. but will definitely rate it after it's done! ;)

JuztZhero responds:


im already working on it! might be out tonight

Bossfight - Elevatia (meganeko Remix) Bossfight - Elevatia (meganeko Remix)

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So PROOO! U GOOO!! (/*O*)/

Astro Soda Astro Soda

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holly wowie! I just love your work! It's so atmospheric! Almost sounds like a soundtrack for one of those Anime AMVs :) big luv 4 dis 1!

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Shimmer Shimmer

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Very nocturnal :) and also very aquatic! It makes me think about a high-speed deep ocean dive :D cool stuff! would listen to it over and over again!

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Strykur responds:

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :3

The Raving Robots The Raving Robots

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Cool! really like it! Though some additional high-pitch saw jam would be hella lit :D But in general, it's very nice! a thumbs up for that one ;)

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mrcompston responds:

Thank you very much for your feedback. Yes, you are correct, it could have done with another synth sitting on top and I will consider it in the future :)

Celtic Celtic

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Awesome song dude! I can lit party to that! :3

DJStormblastXL responds:

Thank you :)