Recenly I made a lil song. I was inspired by those cool pixelated adventure games. I mean, the simplicity of those games really help your imagination fill up the missing visual gaps. You know what I mean? :P 

Anyways, out of all the games existing, I most of all love simple games that are fun to mess around with. (I've got nothing against any other types of games...) 

So this being said, out of a very primitive DEMO I have made a "full" instrumental! It is called "LeveUp!" Feel free to listen to it, give a honest feedback and just simply enjoy it!

Your support means a lot to me! So Thank You! And have a great time! 


I'm new to this website ;) So if things like this lil update should not be published through this feature, I'm sorry :P

Any help on growing bigger on this website is very much appreciated! I'm a Biiiig Noob :D